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Honeysuckle Cosmetic Grade Essential Oil - Discontinued

Honeysuckle Oil from The Organic WitchBOTANICAL NAME: lonicera caprifolium

ORIGIN: China, Europe, North America

PARTS USED: flowers

FRAGRANCE: floral, sweet, jasmine-like

AROMATIC BENEFITS: aids one to get past regrets, and move forward in life more freely. Helpful for individuals dealing with separation issues such as divorce, death, empty nest, and so on.

MAGICAL USES: erotic dreams, money, psychic power, luck, happiness, and intuition about money and wealth

Honeysuckle Information:

Honeysuckle is produced by extraction of the flowers of Lonicera Caprifolium L. and other Lonicera species. Its odor is intensely sweet, fatty-floral, and not unlike the sweetness of tuberose. However, it does not truly represent the fragrance of the flower. Honeysuckle absolutes are usually “compounded” from natural and synthetic materials. Honeysuckle perfumes, for example, are composed of a mixture of rhodinol, benzyl acetate, linalol, methyl anthranilate, and heliotropin. Honeysuckle is sometimes referred to as woodbine, the European honeysuckle was once used widely to treat urinary complaints and asthma. The first known reference to the honeysuckle plant as a medicinal plant is in the Tan Ben Cao that was written in A.D. 659. In traditional Chinese medicine, honeysuckle is considered one of the most important herbs for releasing poisons from the body and clearing heat from the body. Honeysuckle flower buds are also thought to help alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea; in traditional Chinese medicine, the honeysuckle flower buds are warmed and slightly stir-fried for this purpose. The stems are alternately especially used in acupuncture medicine. They are thought to be able to remove heat from certain acupuncture meridians by stimulating the flow of energy, or qi. The stems and branches are also used in Chinese medicine to treat feverish colds and dysentery. They are also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and are often combined with other herbs to create a cooling remedy. Honeysuckle is often combined with other herbs, including cowslip and mulberry to create a healing tea that is used to treat coughs and mild asthma.

Safety Warning: Never ingest essential oils without a prescription.