Capsules Empty "00" Vegan Non-GMO Gluten Free from Pine Cellulose

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100% Vegan capsules for the encapsulation of your favorite herbal powders and other preparations. These empty vegetable capsules contain no animal derived ingredients, are starch-free, preservative-free, wheat and gluten-free, Non-GMO, and are made of pure cellulose from pine and poplar trees. Fast dissolving and easily digestible. They come in your choice of a plastic bag or Reusable Tin.

If you are encapsulating liquids they must be taken immediately. Do not store for long periods of time, as the capsule will begin to break down very quickly (within minutes).

The "00" size holds between 500-700 milligrams of dried material. This of course will depend on the density of the material being used.

Approximate tolerances and fill volume information:

5 capsules = 1 teaspoon --|-- 16 capsules = 1 tablespoon

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